Improve your inventory efficiency
    through enhanced visibility
  • + Improve Turns
    + Improve Service Level
    + Reduce Stockouts
    + Reduce Excess

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StockIQ is a supply chain planning suite targeted at 3PL's and distributors. With over 15 years in the industry, we know what you need to run efficiently, improve forecast accuracy, and reduce inventory levels, while providing unmatched service to your customers and shippers.


Be prepared for the future with advanced forecasting algorithms which can handle seasonality, short life cycle products, events, promotions, new product introductions, and forecasting at all levels of your product hierarchies.


Order with optimized quantities and timing to ensure you have the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time. Take advantage of container loading, special pricing, inventory balancing/allocation, advanced hub/spoke and Bill-Of-Material explosion, and more.

Inventory Analytics

Take control of your inventory with advanced inventory planning dashboards that provide actionable data on Stock Outs, Dead Stock, Service Level, Turns, Safety Stock, Economic Order Quantity calculations, and more.

Supplier Tracking

Track supplier reliability and lead times over time so that you can operate to the most up-to-date and accurate lead times, letting you optimize your safety stock levels for the real world performance of your suppliers.

Promotion Analysis

Track promotion historical performance predict uplift of new promotions as they occur. Analyze promotions for trends and behavior, and plan markdowns for end-of-season sell-through.

SIOP Support

A well-developed SIOP process is nothing without data to support it. StockIQ's hierarchy supports all of the top-down and bottom-up data you need to be able to do your SIOP and reach consensus within your team.


StockIQ is a next generation supply chain planning product, offering all of the features you need in the modern world. Learn More...

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Software Solutions are only as good as what you get out of them. StockIQ Improves your bottom line, and gives you happier customers.

Reduce Stockouts

By accurately forecasting your items and setting statistically based safety stocks, stock outs are reduced.

Improve Service Level

By using StockIQ to stratify your inventory based on factors most important to you, you can ensure that you have the right parts in the right places to hit your service level goals

Reduce Planning Cycle Time

Gone are the days of only being able to do your purchasing once a month. StockIQ allows daily optimized purchasing for maximum responsiveness to a dynamic world.

Improve Operations

By providing standard tools with best practices built in, StockIQ helps get everybody working most efficiently towards optimizing your inventory. Eliminate Stockouts, eliminate excess, and reclaim warehouse space for more products or clients.

Reduce Inventory

Experience has shown that distributors, manufacturers and 3PL's alike can enjoy 10-35% reduction in inventory levels, all the while improving service level.


By focusing on providing you answers rather than features, StockIQ helps you find and solve problems quickly.


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